Rooted Remedies - Nerve/Muscle Salve

Rooted Remedies - Nerve/Muscle Salve

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2oz tin


This salve was made with Saint John’s Wort that was harvested and immediately infused on the Summer Solstice, and Cottonwood Buds that were harvested early last spring after a wind storm and slowly infused over 6 months. 


Along with wild harvested cedar that was offered after a windstorm on mount hood, calendula from a loving neighbor, and a bit of cayenne from the farmer’s market, this salve might be the most precious remedy we’ve made for you all. 


It works deeply to soothe muscle and nerve damage/pain, and regenerate those cell tissues. It can also be applied for more surface skin issues - such as as fungal infections, cuts/scrapes, bruises, and bacterial infections. 


Since we only harvested a certain amount of cottonwood buds last year and the oil takes 6 months, there are a very limited supply of this last batch - and the first batch sold out quickly. 


Rub on irritated area 2-4x/day and notice the pain melt away.

It is also useful for topical fungal infections and general skin issues.


{Suggested Use}

rub on the inflamed area 2-4x/day

*do not apply to open wounds



sunflower oil*, local beeswax*, cottonwood buds^, western red cedar^, calendula*, saint john's wort^, cayene', grapeseed oil*, e.o. proprietor blend

organically grown*    ethically wild harvested^    sustainabley grown'



**The majority of herbs were ethically and sustainably sourced within 300 miles of Portland, OR